1759: Virtual Exhibit

Year 1759
From the Warpath to the Plains of Abraham

Look back on the crucial stages of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham: context, preparation, siege of Quebec City and encounter. Over sixty interactive activities from four different viewpoints: the French, British, Canadians and Indigenous peoples.

Battle 1759-1760This virtual exhibit got its start on September 13, 2005, the date marking the 246th anniversary of the famous battle of the Plains of Abraham. The National Battlefields Commission, in collaboration with the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC), presents 1759: From the Warpath to the Plains of Abraham, a recreational /instructional virtual reality challenge, accessible free of charge via the Internet.

This fascinating interactive adventure throws Net surfers back to the year 1759 to take part in and relive, alongside the French, British, Canadians and Amerindians, the ups and downs of a fight to the finish to conquer America, a key episode in this country’s military history. Interactive games, videos featuring actors of the period, illustrated narratives, evolutive comic strips, period music, interactive maps... all magnificently presented in settings that recreate in the smallest details the subtleties of this tumultuous era.


An enthralling virtual tour designed for Net surfers of all ages.
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