Souvenir Shop

Stop by the gift shop at the Plains of Abraham Museum and find a variety of products related to the Plains of Abraham. Here are some examples, available on-site only. Taxes are included in the price.


The Plains of Abraham - In the Heart of Quebec City - Éditions HistoricArt - Alain Beaulieu $10.00

The Plains of Abraham - The search for the ideal - Éditions du Septentrion - Jacques Mathieu - Eugen Kedl $31.50

From a Strategic Site to a Fortified Town - The city of Québec 1759-1830 - Éditions du Septentrion - Yvon Desloges $6.00

Other items

Colouring book "History in colour" or "Recreation in colour" $2.00

Small cannon $6.50

Also: pins, pens, key rings, statuettes, frisbee, thimble, collectable teaspoon, letter opener, stickers, magnets, playing cards, coffee cup, t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards, posters, etc.