The Commission

The Act creating the National Battlefields Commission (NBC) was passed on March 17, 1908. Since that time, the Commission's mandate has been:

  • to acquire and conserve the great historical battlefields in Quebec City;
  • to turn them into a national park;
  • to preserve this historic Canadian legacy for future generations;
  • to develop it so that the public fully benefits from these riches.

The National Battlefields Commission is a federal government agency under the portfolio of the Minister of Canadian Heritage. The Commission is administered by a nine-member board of directors. Its enabling legislation authorizes the appointment of representatives to the board by the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario in addition to the seven whom are appointed by the Governor in Council. These provinces contributed at least $100,000 to creation of the Commission. In 1908, an international fundraising effort raised over $500,000 toward acquisition of the land.

The objectives of the National Battlefields Commission are to develop the five main components - historic, cultural, recreational, natural and scientific - of National Battlefields Park.

Part of the National Battlefields Commission’s mandate includes the preservation of monuments and heritage assets present in the park. Help us protect them.

The offices of the National Battlefields Commission are located at 390 de Bernières Avenue, Quebec City.

Information: (418) 648-3506